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Adam Carolla (born May 27, 1964) is an Italian-American comedic radio and television personality.

Carolla is best known for co-hosting The Man Show on Comedy Central. He left The Man Show at the same time as his good friend and co-host Jimmy Kimmel, even after having been reportedly offered $100,000 per episode to continue. Until November 2005, Carolla co-hosted Loveline with physician Dr. Drew Pinsky, a show he joined in 1995. Loveline is a syndicated radio program produced by Westwood One, and was also previously a television show for MTV. In early August 2005, Carolla began hosting the talk show Too Late with Adam Carolla on Comedy Central.

Carolla has continued his work with Kimmel as a writer and regular guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live. With partner Daniel Kellison, they are the heads of Jackhole Productions and created another TV show named Crank Yankers for Comedy Central.

Carolla is a graduate of North Hollywood High School, where he was voted class clown and was the captain of his football team but never received good grades. Adam began living on his own at the age of 18 and briefly attended L.A. Valley junior college before dropping out to work in a series of jobs, such as a carpet cleaner, carpenter, and boxing instructor. In his spare time he worked on his comedy skills, training with Acme Comedy Theater and attempting stand-up, but he didn't believe either of these were a good fit for him. In his late twenties he heard an ad on the radio seeking a boxing instructor to train Kimmel, who at the time was a radio personality on the KROQ morning show Kevin and Bean as Jimmy the Sports Guy. Carolla met Kimmel at the radio station and the two became best friends. Carolla eventually joined the show's repertoire as Mr. Birchum, the Vietnam veteran shop teacher, a character that can also be seen on Crank Yankers. He was offered the job of co-hosting Loveline in 1995, soon replacing Riki Rachtman. He went on to do The Man Show from 1999-2003, and often says on-air that he is now "literally a millionaire. Literally". He married his longtime girlfriend Lynette in 2002, but currently has no children.

Carolla has also done voiceovers for cartoons, including Commander Nebula on the Disney animated series Buzz Lightyear of Star Command, Death on Family Guy (replacing Norm MacDonald) and Spanky Ham on Drawn Together.

On Loveline, Carolla often gives extended commentary about matters having little to do with the official subject matter of the show. Common topics include his dislike of religion, junior college, traffic and parking enforcement, his preference for pie over cake, and political extremism (among a great many others).

On August 4, 2005, Carolla announced that he would leave Loveline to pursue a position in morning radio, replacing Howard Stern in a number of morning markets. Adam's last night on Loveline was November 3, 2005, to allow him to have time to prepare for his morning debut at the beginning of 2006. On October 25, Infinity Broadcasting announced that it would be replacing Stern with Carolla on some of its stations but would replace Stern with other programming, including David Lee Roth, CNN and Jack FM on other stations. [1]

Circa August 15, 2005, Carolla became a member of the advisory board of Marijuana Policy Project after devoting nearly an entire episode of his Comedy Central show to talking with Weeds star Kevin Nealon about the absurdities of the war on marijuana[2].

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