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UK: 63 - 7 February 1998 - 1 week
Number One
UK: 47 - 11 April 1998 - 1 week
UK: 57 - 27 June 1998 - 1 week
Summer on the Underground
UK: 72 - 24 October 1998 - 1 week
Old Folks
UK: 54 - 5 June 1999 - 1 week
I Love Lake Tahoe
UK: 59 - 21 August 1999 - 1 week
UK: 9 - 2 March 2002 - 6 weeks
UK: 20 - 1 June 2002 - 3 weeks
Something's Going On
UK: 51 - 30 November 2002 - 1 week
Good Time
UK: 23 - 13 September 2003 - 2 weeks
Rush Song
UK: 35 - 14 May 2005 - 2 weeks
Better Off With Him
UK: 52 - 30 July 2005 - 1 week


How Ace Are Buildings
A vs. Monkey Kong
Hi-Fi Serious
UK: 19
Teen Dance Ordinance
UK: 95


Rockin' Like Dokken
Japan Only

Live Albums

Exit Stage Right

A is a British alternative rock band. They formed in 1995 in Suffolk, England. The original line up was three brothers, Jason, Adam and Giles Perry, and two friends Mark Chapman, and Steve Swindon. Swindon quit the band in 1997 and was replaced by Daniel P. Carter. This line up continues to this day. After changing their name from 'Grand Designs' and abandoning their early prog-inspired sound for a more punky feel, they released their debut LP How Ace Are Buildings in 1997. Second album A vs. Monkey Kong followed in 1999. A more poppy record than How Ace Are Buildings the band toured the world, played festivals and enjoyed a small degree of success worldwide, especially in Germany. Hi-Fi Serious was their third album, released in 2002. It was preceded by their biggest single to date, "Nothing", which saw the band reach the UK top ten for the first time, hitting number 9, and the further top 20 hit Starbucks, named after the coffee chain. The tour following Hi-Fi Serious saw the band playing their largest venues to date, headlining the 5000 capacity Brixton Academy as part of the Inner-City Sumo Tour. 'A' finally released their fourth album on June 27th 2005, entitled Teen Dance Ordinance. The album had been recorded 2 years earlier, but due to Jason Perry's illness and record company squabbles its release was heavily delayed, by which time the group's following appears to be a mere cult once again.

The band currently consists of the following five members:

  • Jason Perry (lead vocals)
  • Mark Chapman (guitar)
  • Dan P. Carter (bass)
  • Giles Perry (keyboard)
  • Adam Perry (drums)


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