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For the Australian version, see ABC Kids (Australia)
ABC Kids 2004 logo
Disney's One Saturday Morning main line-up

ABC Kids is a four-hour block of animated cartoons and live-action children's television shows, broadcast on the ABC network in the U.S. and (until 2002) on the CTV network in Canada on Saturday mornings. It was initiated in 1997 as Disney's One Saturday Morning, taking on its current name in 2002.

It was created as a successor to the Disney Afternoon, and originally featured some of the shows that had been on it. A spin-off, Disney's One Too, aired in syndication every weekday in the afternoon.

Programs broadcast

One Saturday Morning and ABC Kids have featured the following series (in order of appearance):

From 1997 to 2000, One Saturday Morning featured a wide variety of interstitial content that filled in the gaps between shows. These included:

  • Mrs. Munger's Class: A brief skit about a class featuring computer-animated talking yearbook photographs. The Mrs. Munger's Class segments were later withdrawn from broadcast because the people (members of an actual middle school class in 1975) whose images were manipulated for use in this skit had not given permission, and several of them sued. [1] A similar skit titled Centerville, using authorized photographs, was later added in place of Mrs. Munger's Class.
  • Manny the Uncanny: A live action skit in which the eccentric Manny (played by Paul Rugg) visits some real world location. Activities including taxiderming a carrot and playing with live bugs at a research lab.
  • Great Minds Think For Themselves: short animated segment featuring Genie from Aladdin (voiced by Robin Williams) in which he profiles a famous American.