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One hundred (and) fifty-three is the natural number following one hundred (and) fifty-two and preceding one hundred (and) fifty-four. As a triangular number, it is the sum of the first 17 integers, and also the sum of the first five factorials. (It is also a hexagonal number). It is a Harshad number. Since 153 = 1^3 + 5^3 + 3^3, it is a 3-narcissistic number, and it is a Friedman number since 153 = 3 * 51.

Evagrius Ponticus considered 153 to represent a harmonization of contrasts, since 153 = 100 + 28 + 25, with 100 representing a square, 28 a triangle and 25 a circle.

Roman numeralCLIII

One hundred (and) fifty-three is also

  • The number of fish caught by Simon Peter, "yet the net was not broken" (Holy Bible, John 21:11).
  • Considered by St. Augustine to represent seven gifts of the Holy Spirit and ten requirements of God
  • the frequency of the longwave transmitters Donebach, Ingoy and Brasov in kilohertz.

See also: Vesica piscis, 150 (number)

For the year, see AD 153.

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