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CardinalOne hundred [and]
forty four
Divisors2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 9, 12, 16,
18, 24, 36, 48, 72
Roman numeralCXLIV

144 is the natural number following 143 and preceding 145. 144 is a dozen dozens, or one gross.

It is the twelfth Fibonacci number, and the largest one to also be a square, as the square of 12 (which is also its index in the Fibonacci sequence), following 121 and preceding 169.

144 is the smallest number with exactly 15 divisors.

144 is a number that is divisible by the value of its φ function, which returns 48 in this case. Also, there are 21 solutions to the equation φ(x) = 144, more than any integer below 144, making it a highly totient number.

, the smallest number whose fifth power is a sum of less than five (smaller) fifth powers. This solution was found in 1967 by L.J. Lander and T.R. Parkin, and disproved a conjecture by Euler.

144 is a Harshad number.

144 is also:

  • The measurement, in cubits, of the wall of New Jerusalem shown by the seventh angel (Holy Bible, Revelation 21:17).
  • The Intel 8086 instruction for no operation (NOP).

For the year AD 144, see 144.

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