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127 is the natural number following 126 and preceding 128.

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CardinalOne hundred [and]
Factorizationprime number
Roman numeralCXXVII

In mathematics

One hundred [and] twenty-seven is a Mersenne prime, 27 - 1, and as such, in binary it is a repunit prime, a permutable prime and a palindromic prime. This also means it is the largest integer that can be represented by a signed byte. As a Mersenne prime, 127 is related to the perfect number 8128, and 2127 - 1 is also a Mersenne prime, making it a double Mersenne prime. 127 is also a cuban prime of the form , . The next prime is 131, with which it comprises a cousin prime. Because the next odd number, 129, is a semiprime, 127 is a Chen prime.

127 is a centered hexagonal number.

It is the 7th Motzkin number.

It is a nice Friedman number in base 10, since 127 = -1 + 27, as well as binary since 1111111 = (1 + 1)111 - 1 * 1.

In other fields

One hundred [and] twenty-seven is also:

  • ASCII and Unicode code point for delete.
  • The number of provinces ruled by King Xerxes I, "from India to Ethiopia" (Holy Bible, Esther 1:1).
  • The number of sons of Bethlehem at the Census of men of Israel upon return from exile (Holy Bible, Ezra 2:21).
  • The year AD 127 or 127 BC.

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