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1001 is the natural number preceding 1002 and following 1000.

CardinalOne thousand [and]
Roman numeralMI

In mathematics

One thousand and one is a sphenic number, a pentagonal number a pentatope number and a palindromic number.

In other fields

It is sometimes used as a generic term for "many" - conveying the impression of a lot (1000) and still more:

1001 uses for...
1001 ways to...

In Arabic culture, this is phrased in an unusual way:

1001 Arabian Nights, in Arabic Alf layla wa layla, which literally translates as "One thousand nights and a night".
1001 thanks is Alf shukran wa shukran: "One thousand thanks and thank you".

1001 was the name of a popular British detergent in the 1960s, supposedly with "1001 uses".

In the Mawlawiyyah order of Sufi Islam, a novice must complete 1001 days of prayer before becoming a dada, or junior teacher of the faith.

In many cases, including the title Thousand and One Nights, 1001 is meant to indicate a "large number", need not be taken literally.

There are countless book titles starting with 1001. About twice as many books currently in print start with 1001 as with 1000. This marketing scheme is used to imply that the customer is getting a little extra information beyond books that have only 1000 items. For example:

1001 Symbols, by Jack Tresidder
1001 Pelargoniums, by Hazel Key
1001 Perennials, by Claire Austin
1001 Things to Spot in the Sea, by Katie Daynes
1001 Animal Quacker Jokes, by Jasmine Birtles
1001 Animals to Spot, by G. Doherty
1001 Ways to Relax, by Mike George
1001 Jokes.

There are also many film titles starting with 1001. For example:

1001 Rezepte eines verliebten Kochs
1001 Nights of Pleasure
1001 Ways to Kill Yourself
Bugs Bunny's 1001 Rabbit Tales

Buckminster Fuller called 1001 a Scheherezade number in his book "Synergetics", since Scheherezade was the name of the story-telling wife in the "1001 Arabian Nights"

This article is about the number. See also the years AD 1001 and 1001 BC.

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